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Stylish Coffee Machines for your home

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Good day reader, I know, it’s been a while! I promise I will not let so much time lapse until the next post. In fact, I write this post on the morning of Fine Choice’s 21st Birthday!! 1.11.21 –  Seriously, where has the time gone!


Before I go into the fun topic about coffee machines at home, I want to know… how has your year been? What’s stayed the same? What are some of the changes you’ve faced?


Please feel free to comment below and let’s have a little conversation!


Let me begin by telling you about some trends we’ve seen in the beautiful world of Coffee at Home.  Ever since March 2020 we saw a steep jump in the consumption of household coffee machines, which makes sense right?  More people working from home, staying home, having small groups of people over as their way of ‘socialising’.  It also makes sense that more people were willing to spend their well earnt dollars on spoiling themselves with the ‘quality’ things in life, especially when they couldn’t spend their dollars on trips to their favourite destinations.


It’s safe to say, as a result, more people are enjoying their favourite cups of coffee in the comfort of their own home and we’re pleased to say we have helped to contribute to these people’s happiness.  At Fine Choice, we specialise in one particular brand of Automatic Coffee Machines for home, and these are the Jura Automatic Coffee Machines. Fine Choice has partnered with Jura for almost 20 years, so it’s safe to say we know the ‘ins and outs’ of these coffee machines and our technicians are specialists in their field.


Not too long ago we were able to bring to the Adelaide market the brand new, world first in coffee machine design and technology, the JURA Z10 Super-Automatic Coffee Machine!


The Super Stylish Jura Z10 Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Diamond Black


This breath-taking household appliance that JURA has developed includes the pioneering innovation of the Cold Extraction Process. In this process, cold water is slowly pulsed through the freshly ground coffee under high pressure, resulting in a completely new way of experiencing coffee – refreshingly energising with a wonderfully balanced aroma. At Fine Choice we serve such ‘cold drip’ brews over ice cubes in the cup, making the experience as close to that of a store bought iced espresso or latte as you will get!  This beauty of a machine also, of course, prepares the full spectrum of hot drinks at the touch of a button, or should I say, super sleek and durable touch screen.


If you would like to see this machine in motion and have a tasting, please feel free to visit our showroom at 264 Gilbert St, Adelaide – Monday to Friday… let us make you a coffee and chat all things Coffee at Home.  To shop all things caffeine, visit www.fccoffee.com.au


Thanks for reading! Until next time…

Danielle – The Coffee Lady, Adelaide

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