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Our partnership with Variety SA

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People who know us, know that we here at Fine Choice are a highly compassionate bunch of humans, and as a small, local, family owned and run business, there are certain things that tug at our heart strings. Literally. 

Decades ago, one of our family members was born with heart disease and we were told they may not see adulthood. It is because of this story, as a group we decided we wanted to support a charity that gives to kids when others can’t; and make their lives better in a small or big way, no matter their ability. Variety SA seemed the perfect choice.

Not only is Variety super committed to changing the lives of children across South Australia, they have been doing so with such gusto for over 30 years. It just made sense.

As a Business Partner, Fine Choice has committed ourselves for three years straight, pledging 50c from every bag of coffee sold back to Variety SA.  This is our way of giving back to the community of South Australia, helping the charity provide support through grants for children and families for things like: mobility equipment and wheelchairs ; communication devices and education aides ; medical items and services; therapy services, including occupational therapy and music therapy.

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