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How quickly things change…

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Hi there, thank you for taking the time to read this post. 

The last post regarding our 2020 vision was written with no idea in mind just how much the world would change only three months down the track. 

While still being proud of the tenure our business has had, we have to stop and look at how things are panning out right here, right now, as we speak. 

During this period of a global pandemic, there are so many unknowns.  At first the feeling was “we’ll be ‘right” – it was business as usual while the other side of the world was going through ‘a thing’ – not us. 

So what’s changed now?

Our customers, the people who consume our product, are slowly shutting down – mostly temporarily, however this still impacts our business.  Who hasn’t this impacted? No one

This time of uncertainty and that ‘waiting’ feeling, is one our generations have not really, properly experienced before.

However, what we are seeing and have been pleasantly surprised by is the change in people in general, having more compassion and empathy – because we’re all in the same boat – so to speak.  For the first time, humans are ‘equal’.

We have loved seeing how businesses around the globe, but more so locally, are adapting with the times, and quickly! And this has given us motivation to move with fluidity and do the same. These influences, combined with having some downtime due to quieter periods in the office, have led to things getting done!  I’m sure we’re not the only ones, it’s happening for so many of you out there. We finally have time, to stop – evaluate – plan – and execute, without experiencing the rat-race of what our day-to-day had become.  We can see that this slower time has evoked increased mindfulness in many, and thus – we see those working with more purpose and moving forward to achieve their true goals. 

So yes, while this was all a scary – unknown beast to begin with, the team at Fine Choice can see the light, and we know in due course, we will be here when our customers need us again. And we can’t wait to see and speak to all of you in the not too distant future! 


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