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Fine Choice’s 2020 Vision

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2020 | this represents something big for us. Our small Adelaide based business turns 20! Wow! How time flies!


What does this mean for Fine Choice?  It means 20 years of hard work, and no word of a lie, throughout the years there has of course been blood, sweat and tears.  20 years of building relationships, of learning about and undertaking training on new products and 20 years of proudly supporting Adelaide’s community and providing them with products and services they need.  We have seen the evolution of the automatic coffee machine and how it has gone from being questioned and looked down upon; to being one of the most sought-after commodities in peoples’ homes and offices today. 


2019 was a big year.  It started off with Jura’s Asia Pacific Conference held in Melbourne in January.  We updated our showroom and introduced our new look to the public, including our new  logo.  We celebrated 9 staff birthdays plus the business’ 19th birthday at our first major VIP event, which was a huge success.  We hit records with our coffee sales AND we even launched our new website, just in the nick of time before Christmas. 


Looking to the future and a new decade, we have some big plans in the pipeline. At Fine Choice we are always thinking about the customer experience and how we will be remembered.  In saying this, we have some ideas around loyalty programs, automating more processes, introducing new/ desirable products and most importantly, an even more exciting prospect, growing our team! 


In 2020 you can follow our very own Danielle for more coffee adventures and news, both local and from around the world, on social media avenues including Fine Choice’s Instagram and Facebook pages and her LinkedIn page – #thecoffeeladyadl #fccoffee


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